1. Winter Plans and Your Pet

    This winter is bound to look much different than years past, due to all that’s going on in the world. At Loveland Veterinary Clinic, we hope that you’re still looking forward to winter and the holiday season, and all that it can offer. If you have a pet, it’s important to make sure they’re ready for winter as well, and as we covered in last year’s post, we want to reiterate how important…Read More

  2. Why Your Cat Is Peeing Outside of Their Litter Box

    As much as we love our feline companions, it can really get us confused when they choose to pee outside of their litter box, on our beds, or on our clothes. Don’t worry — Loveland Veterinary Clinic is here to help you answer all your questions about your furry friend! Continue reading to understand why your cat might be relieving themselves where you sleep! A Medical Condition May Be Affecting…Read More

  3. How to Tell When Your Cat Is in Pain

    It’s heartbreaking to think about your pets suffering in silence, but if you own a cat, then you should know they’ll try their hardest to hide their pain. Cats in the wild evolved to hide their pain so they wouldn’t become an easy target for predators. Though your cat may be domesticated, it’d be uncharacteristic of them to go against that instinctive nature to protect themselves, especial…Read More

  4. How to Plan Ahead for Pet Emergencies

    Let’s face it — there is no foolproof plan to prepare yourself for a pet emergency; after all, that’s why they’re called emergencies. You’re not anticipating your dog to swallow a rubber band, or your cat to have a seizure, and there’s certainly no predicting if or when you’ll have to evacuate your home. But there are certain measures you can take in the event of an accident or natur…Read More

  5. New Year’s Resolutions You Can Do With Your Pet!

    Now that the beginning of a new year is here again, you might be looking at your list of resolutions and wondering where to start. You might also be thinking that it would be nice to have someone you could partner with on these goals, but no one immediately comes to mind. While there might not be a human you could work on these goals with, what about your four-legged friend? At Loveland Veterinary…Read More

  6. Adopting a Pet During the Holidays

    The holiday season is well underway in Northern Colorado, and people are out and about every day, trying to find those perfect gifts for everyone on their list. For some families, the little ones at home have been asking for a puppy or kitten all year long, and the parents may have plans to surprise their kids with a new pet this holiday season. While a dog or cat can be a great present, it’s im…Read More

  7. Is Your Pet Ready for Winter?

    Winter weather has definitely arrived in northern Colorado, and at Loveland Veterinary Clinic, we want you and your pets to be safe and warm this season. As your local veterinarian, we can provide any care that your animal may need during the winter. As their owner, though, there are some things that you can do to make sure they’re ready for the colder months of the year. In this post, we’ll l…Read More

  8. Fall Safety Tips for Your Pet

    Now that fall is here, you’re likely looking forward to cooler weather and spending more time at home after the hot days and busy schedule of the summer months. At Loveland Veterinary Clinic, we want your entire family to have a happy and healthy autumn, especially your pets. This season should be a fun and relaxing time for them as well, but there are some things to be aware of as the year grow…Read More

  9. How Back-to-School Time Can Affect Your Pets

    With August coming to an end, it means that back-to-school time is here once more. Parents and kids are having to adjust to new routines and activities, and everyone is trying to keep up with this time of the year and all that it demands. However, it’s important not to forget how back-to-school time can affect your pets. At Loveland Veterinary Clinic, we’re here to provide expert, compassionat…Read More