1. Traveling With Your Pet This Summer?

    As summer approaches, you likely begin to think about traveling to see family and friends. You may have time off from work or school, and you love hitting the road to explore new places or to visit familiar locales. Whatever the case may be, if you have a pet, it’s important to make a plan for them, especially if they’ll be traveling with you. At Loveland Veterinary Clinic, we can help you mak…Read More

  2. Springtime Safety for Your Pets

    Now that spring is here, you’re likely looking forward to spending more time outside. With the sun shining, you might go for a run with your dog, or you and your cat might hang out on the porch or deck. At Loveland Veterinary Clinic, we want to make sure that your furry friend is healthy and happy all year long, and there are some things to think about during the springtime in Colorado. If your …Read More

  3. Has Your Pet’s Food Been Recalled?

    At Loveland Veterinary Clinic, the health and well-being of every animal we treat is of the utmost importance. With regular checkups, your pet can stay happy and healthy, but what about the types of food that you give them at home? Our team always strives to stay on top of the latest in pet nutrition, and that includes keeping an eye on any foods that have been recalled. The American Veterinary Me…Read More

  4. Do You Let Your Cat Outside?

    If you have a cat, then you likely know how independent felines can be. They can be cute and snuggly when they want, but they’re often happiest when they’re napping on their favorite blanket or in a prime spot of sunshine. There are some cats that want to go outside, whether it’s to explore or to test their natural hunting instincts. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to be aware of …Read More

  5. Keeping Your Dog Safe While Hiking

    Anyone who’s lived in Northern Colorado for some time knows that hiking is a favorite pastime for many people. With Rocky Mountain National Park only a short drive away, and plenty of other trails nearby, it’s easy to find a quick and fun day hike for you and your family. You may even decide to take your dog with you on your trek! While hiking can be great exercise for both people and animals,…Read More

  6. Caring for Your Pet in Winter

    At Loveland Veterinary Clinic, we love caring for animals throughout the entire year. As your veterinarian, we’re dedicated to making sure your pets are happy and healthy, and we want to make sure that any situation that arises is taken care of as soon as possible. With winter on its way along the Front Range, it’s important to make sure that you and your pets are prepared for the cold and sno…Read More

  7. 3 Things to Do With a New Pet

    In our last blog post, we talked about getting a new pet for the holidays, and how you can prepare for your new furry friend joining your family this year. If you just can’t wait until December, and you’re getting a new dog, cat, or another animal right away, then this post is for you. In it, we’ll cover three things you can do with your new pet. At Loveland Veterinary Clinic, we’re here t…Read More

  8. Getting a New Pet for the Holidays?

    When you were a child, you may have written “a puppy” or “a kitten” on your holiday wish list every year. You did this until your parents finally relented and got you a furry friend, and it was perhaps the greatest holiday season of your childhood. As an adult, you may want to give your kids the same the joy that you experienced, but if you’re considering getting a new pet around the hol…Read More

  9. How to Find a New Veterinarian

    If you’ve recently moved to a new city, or you finally got the kids that puppy they’ve been begging you for, then you might be looking for a veterinarian. Finding the right vet is key to your animal’s health and happiness, but it’s also important for your peace of mind when it comes to your animals. At Loveland Veterinary Clinic, we love meeting new people and making sure that their pets g…Read More